Below you will find our frequently asked questions:

How does NameScan help my business?

NameScan provides scanning services against Thomson Reuters’ World-Check Watchlists of global Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), sanctioned individuals and organisations, persons and entities of special interest (individuals and organisations that are either accused of or convicted to serious crimes such as financial crime), to reduce financial institutions’ risks of being associated with money laundering and terrorist financial activities.

NameScan is a Pay-As-You-Go service that requires no commitment from the users. The service provides individual and company name checking capability, and an instant report of the scan results is sent to clients by email. Registered users are also able to view their scan reports and scan history, online.

What types of data can your service provide me with?

Standard Data
This data is provided through our consolidated PEP database.

Premium Data
Thomson Reuters provide us with their World-Check database.

What is the difference between Standard Data and Premium Data?

NameScan has two types of data available, both of which provide a global coverage of PEP and Sanction individuals/entities.

Standard Data
This data include an extensive coverage of global Sanction lists and a consolidated global PEP list, which is growing on a daily basis. The data covers the most popular Sanction lists including OFAC, United Nations Sanctions, Australian Sanctions, US Consolidated Sanctions, EU Financial Sanctions, UK Financial Sanctions, Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (Canada) and Bureau of Industry and Security (US).

Premium Data

This data utilises Thomson Reuters World-Check database. The information includes global sanction lists and a consolidated list of Political Exposed Persons (PEP), their Relatives and Closes Associates (RCA) and persons and entities linked to high profile crimes.

What lists are utilised through each type of data?

Standard Data
Our Standard Check data include an extensive coverage of global Sanction lists and a consolidated global PEP list, which is growing and updated on a daily basis. Standard Data is available via API only and covers the most important Sanction lists including but not limited to:

  • United Nations Sanctions (UN);
  • Australian Sanctions;
  • Bureau of Industry and Security (US);
  • EU Financial Sanctions;
  • Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (Canada);
  • OFAC – Specially Designated Nationals (SDN);
  • UK Financial Sanctions (HMT);
  • US Consolidated Sanctions;
  • Department of State, AECA Debarred List (US);
  • Department of State, Non-proliferation Sanctions (US);

Premium Data
Premium Checks utilise Thomson Reuters World-Check database, this includes:

  • Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs);
  • and their Relatives and Close Associates (RCA);
  • Sanctions and Official Lists
  • Persons and Entities of Special Interest

What is the pricing for Standard Data and Premium Data?

If you are interested in receiving a quotation, please send us an email at

*Furthermore, ensure you include the data that is of interest to you (either Standard Data or Premium Data) along with your expected scan volume per year.

Do you have any packages for smaller scan volumes?

If you wish to perform less than 500 scans using the Premium Data, we have credit packs available for purchase on our website:

The credit packs utilise the Premium Data providing a cheaper alternative to customers who have every small number of names they wish to scan.

Alternatively, you can perform 100 free scans per month using our free PEP tool:

If you have any further questions, or would like a further explanation of any question from the above, please email us at: