Below you will find our frequently asked questions:

How does NameScan help my business?

NameScan helps businesses ensure they are compliant by assisting them with their KYC processes through our PEP and Sanction screening service. By utilising multiple well known data sources, we provide our users with the option to choose which database they would like to screen an individual or entities name against to ensure they are not a risk to their business.

What types of data can your service provide me with?

NameScan offers multiple data sources which you can utilise to perform your PEP and sanction checks.

Sapphire Checks use the Acuris Risk Intelligence Database. This provides comprehensive coverage of PEP/RCA/SIP worldwide, with 1.4 Million PEP profiles, 1.2 Million Sanction profiles and 400,000 adverse media links.

Emerald Checks use NameScan’s Proprietary Database. This includes extensive coverage of global Sanction lists and a consolidated global PEP list, which is growing daily. It covers the most popular Sanction lists including OFAC, United Nations Sanctions, Australian Sanctions, US Consolidated Sanctions, EU Financial Sanctions, UK Financial Sanctions, Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (Canada) and Bureau of Industry and Security (US) and more.

Ruby Checks utilise the Thomson Reuters World-Check Watchlists of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and their Relatives and Closes Associates (RCAs), sanctioned individuals and organisations, persons of special interest and special interest entities, to reduce financial institutions’ risks of being associated with money laundering and terrorist financing activities.
*only available to users in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Region.

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What is the pricing for PEP and sanction checks?

We have various credit packs available for purchase on our pricing page.

If you are expecting to perform more than 10,000 scans a year, please send us an email enquiry at

Can I trial the service?

Yes, you can trial our service by registering with a free account here to receive test credits.

If you have any further questions, or would like a further explanation of any question from the above, please email us at: