Product Release

Sapphire Checks
NameScan has introduced Sapphire Checks with access to the C6 Intelligence Database.

The C6 Intelligence Database provides an extensive coverage and includes:

  • 1.4 million Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs);
  • Reputationally Exposed Persons (REPs);
  • 1.2 million Sanction profiles from global sources,
  • Global Financial Regulators,
  • Adverse Media with supporting evidence,
  • The database is updated daily.

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New Features

Due diligence decisions:
A due diligence workflow has been created in the NameScan Dashboard. This will allow you to:

  • Record due diligence decisions/comments,
  • Assign risk (High, Medium and Low),
  • Use a flagging system (Match, No Match and Not sure), to specify if a match is a true match or a false positive – only available for Ruby and Sapphire Checks.

We have released our new dashboard making it easier for you to perform scans, review your scan history and manage your credits.

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Other Changes

Naming convention: We have recently changed the names of each check on our service.

  • Standard Check is now known as the Emerald Check.
  • Premium Check is known as Ruby Check.